Corporate Policies

The following are the corporate policies and values which the company strongly believes in:

a) Human Resources:

Company strongly believes that people are the best resources and therefore all efforts shall be taken to recruit right people, train them, rotate them in our various units and reward them so that the organization grows with it's own people.

b) Society consciousness:

Company strongly believes that we are here to serve the society and therefore all efforts shall be taken that we enrich the lives of the people by producing quality goods relevant to their every day lives and taking all precautions so that we shall be law abiding corporate citizens but also ensure that we do not infringe or harm the society in anyway while pursuing our business goals.

c) Quality Policy:

It shall be our endeavor that we employ best technology available so that we offer our customers best quality products and it should be something, 'Value for Money' for our customers.

d) Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Policy:

We shall take all efforts to ensure that while pursuing our business goals we are maintaining clean environment. Further we would like to achieve best productivity results while taking care of the utmost health and safety of our employees.

e) Investor Friendly Approach:

We shall take all efforts to maximize returns for all the shareholders who partake in our ambitious growth plans. We shall consider that they are the main force to fuel our growth and therefore rewards of growth and prosperity shall be shared with all our shareholders.