Our Groups

It is called as AML Steel group which is named after the flagship company viz., AML Steel Ltd. (formerly known as Ashok Magnetics Ltd.) has the following subsidiaries/group companies under it's fold:

  1. Ankit Ispat Pvt. Ltd.,
  2. Ashok Steel Industries (Srilanka) Ltd.,

The group is primarily engaged in steel making under the long-term vision, able guidance and dynamic leadership of Mr. Ashok Agarwal who is a Mechanical engineer from Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra. He originally founded AML Steel Ltd., during the year 1993 primarily to set up plant to manufacture videotapes and distribute all over India.

Soon AML Steel Ltd., identified Steel making as one of the thrust areas and swiftly constructed a new plant in Pondicherry which was commissioned during 1998. The above plant until today is successfully engaged in manufacture of steel ingots out of iron scrap sourced either locally or imported.

Having gained in-depth experience and knowledge of operating a steel plant AML Steel acquired a sick plant in Srilanka, which was turned around in record time and so also another plant in Karaikal near Pondicherry. Such acquisitions gave an international exposure to the promoters within steel industry which paved the way for future expansions be in India or abroad.

Currently the steel industry is going through a period of buoyancy and internationally it is expected to last for next 10 years or so. In order to capture the industry trends as well as forge ahead with it's own rapid growth plans, AML Steel is currently exploring opportunities for fairly large yet attractive overseas acquisitions to improve upon it's market leadership position within the steel sector.

AML Steel Ltd has been a profit making company right since beginning and it has also been paying dividend year after year right since inception. It went public in the year 1995 and it has immediate plans to further enhance shareholder base by tapping the equity market in the near future.

It is with great pride that AML Steel Ltd., has been maintaining a disciplined corporate governance record since beginning and as a result it has very cordial relationship and patronage with SEBI, Central Bank of India and the investing public at large for more than a decade. Much of the success could not have been possible without having continued peaceful industrial relationship that AML Steel has been enjoying with all the employees of the company in all the plants.